Hope Tree Entertainment

Hope Tree is an award winning label services boutique, specializing in artist development.


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Nashville Unsigned

Nashville Unsigned is Music City’s largest community of independent artists. Helping to uncover tomorrow’s stars today, the digital magazine delivers everything from artist interviews to showcase live concerts.

Duende Vision

Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel are a video and photography duo that brings a musician’s perspective to visual work. With stylistic influences ranging in time period and geography, they are sure to create a novel accompaniment to your music. Their detailed, patient, meticulous, and enthusiastic approach carefully brings the artist’s dream to life in a unique fashion.

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51 Lemons

51 Lemons works predominantly with independent artists in the music industry with a deep passion for making the world a better place.  They help them achieve financial freedom as empowered entrepreneurs so they're able to support their lifelong creative interests, protect their inner happiness, and achieve their ultimate goals.